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Lost Race of the Giants: The Mystery of Their Culture, by Patrick Chouinard,Paul Von Ward

By Patrick Chouinard,Paul Von Ward

An exploration of mythological and archaeological proof for prehistoric giants

• Examines the numerous corresponding vast mythologies during the international, akin to the Greek and Roman titans, Norse frost giants, and the biblical Nephilim

• unearths fresh unearths of huge skeletons within the deserts of Saudi Arabia and India

• Explains how giants handed on their subtle tradition and civilization to humanity prior to being burnt up within the nice age of cataclysms and floods

Giants are a cornerstone of the myths, legends, and traditions of virtually each tradition on the earth. tales of giants are frequently thought of fantasies of the ancients or primitive makes an attempt to give an explanation for usual phenomena, yet archaeological discoveries of 10- and 12-foot skeletons--many of that have been suppressed--confirm the lifestyles of a forgotten golden age of giants ahead of recorded historical past.

Patrick Chouinard examines the incredible variety of corresponding large mythologies during the international, similar to the Greek and Roman titans, Norse frost giants, the Hindu Daityas, the biblical Nephilim, the Celtic Formorach, the Sumerian Anunnaki, and the multitude of myths during which the sky or global is held aloft at the shoulders of a large. He hyperlinks those tales to Atlantis in addition to different legends of prehistoric civilizations misplaced to cataclysm and nice floods whose survivors spawned the increase of historical civilizations. the writer finds how actual continues to be of giant-size peoples were came upon on virtually each continent, together with contemporary reveals within the deserts of Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and northerly India in addition to 1000s of excavations of big mummies and skeletons around the usa, corresponding at once with local American debts of red-haired giants. He additionally examines stories from recognized explorers comparable to Magellan, Sir Francis Drake, and Desoto in their encounters with giants at the North American continent.

Revealing how giants characterize the genuine earthborn race, Chouinard explains how they engaged in open clash with the extraterrestrial gods who created humanity for compelled hard work and the way they handed their refined tradition and civilization directly to humanity earlier than being approximately burnt up within the nice age of cataclysms.

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The Temple Legend: Freemasonry and Related Occult Movements by Rudolf Steiner,J.M. Wood

By Rudolf Steiner,J.M. Wood

In those detailed lectures, given to individuals of his Esoteric college (1904-14), Rudolf Steiner's major goal is to throw mild at the hidden content material of the picture-language of myths, sagas and legends. photographs, he explains, are the genuine starting place of all issues - the primeval non secular factors. as a way to paintings in a fit manner with photos or symbols at the present time, even though, it will be important that one should still first turn into familiar with their esoteric content material - to appreciate them. on the time of those lectures Steiner was once making plans to inaugurate the second one element of the Esoteric tuition, which was once to deal in an instantaneous approach with a renewal - out of his personal religious study - of formality and symbolism. He gave those lectures as an important coaching, to explain the heritage and nature of the cultic culture. He hence discusses largely Freemasonry and its heritage, but additionally the Rosicrucians, Manichaeism, the Druids, the Prometheus Saga, the misplaced Temple, Cain and Abel - and lots more and plenty else besides.

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Intervista sul nazismo magico (Italian Edition) by Giorgio Galli

By Giorgio Galli

Esiste una tradizione esoterica occidentale? Sotto quali forme si manifesta? Qual è il rapporto tra questa cultura «altra» e le diversified forme politiche di matrice razionalistica dell’Occidente? E tra esoterismo e nazismo? Hitler e i vertici del partito erano in possesso di una dottrina segreta? Che cosa è invece possibile dire riguardo alle altre dittature del XX secolo? E in che modo, oggi, los angeles democrazia rappresentativa si rapporta a questa cultura alternativa?

Questo libro è molto più di un tentativo di rispondere alle domande su una tradizione occidentale occulta, dai contorni ancora incerti: è un viaggio appassionato e appassionante dalle origini del sapere umano fino ai giorni nostri che, affacciandosi sul futuro prossimo, disegna un suggestivo landscape del mondo attuale.

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Power Chants of the Nine Serpents by Carl Nagel

By Carl Nagel

you can find 15 various Chants at the following pages. these 15 Chants hide each attainable need.

The Invocation of Baktiotha -
Spoken each morning instantly on emerging. it's going to catalyze the Powers of the 9 varieties of Serpents into motion and set the tone for a extra detailed
program of the mystical system.

Chants to convey funds and stable Fortune

Chants to provide actual Satisfaction
Chants to revive good looks, formative years and Excitement
Chants to offer You strength Over Others

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Hermès - Lumière des hommes: Source de l'alchimie (French by Hubert Dufresne

By Hubert Dufresne

La plupart des lecteurs de traités sur l’alchimie ne font pas l. a. différence entre le dieu grec Hermès et le dieu romain Mercure. Cet ouvrage, en proposant de façon basic une étude sur l’étymologie, apportera l’éclairage nécessaire et ecocnomic pour cheminer tranquillement vers los angeles compréhension en découvrant, comme l’écrit l’auteur, los angeles règle immuable de l. a. transmission.

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Atlantis in the Caribbean: And the Comet That Changed the by Andrew Collins

By Andrew Collins

An in-depth research of the mounting facts that Atlantis used to be situated within the Bahamas and Caribbean, close to Cuba in particular

• Explains how Atlantis used to be destroyed by means of a comet, an identical comet that shaped the mysterious Carolina Bays

• unearths proof of complicated city ruins off the coasts of Cuba and the Bahamas

• exhibits how pre-Columbian mariners visited the Caribbean and taken again tales of Atlantis’s destruction

• Compares Plato’s account with old legends from the indigenous humans of North and South the US, equivalent to the Maya, the Quiché, and the Yuchi of Oklahoma

The legend of Atlantis is without doubt one of the such a lot interesting mysteries of all time. Disproving many famous Atlantis theories and delivering a brand new speculation, the facts for which maintains to construct, Andrew Collins exhibits that what Plato recounts is the reminiscence of a big cataclysm on the finish of the final Ice Age 13,000 years in the past, while a comet devastated the island of Cuba and submerged a part of the Bahaman landmass within the Caribbean. He parallels Plato’s account with corroborating historical myths and legends from the indigenous humans of North and South the USA, resembling the Maya of Mesoamerica, the Quiché of Peru, the Yuchi of Oklahoma, the islanders of the Antilles, and the local peoples of Brazil. the writer explains how the comet that destroyed Atlantis within the Caribbean used to be an identical comet that shaped the mysterious and diverse elliptical depressions, often called the Carolina Bays, chanced on around the mid-Atlantic usa. He unearths facts of sunken ruins off the coasts of either Cuba and the Bahamas, old complexes spanning greater than 10 acres that essentially recommend city improvement and meticulously deliberate street systems.

Revealing the identification of Plato’s “opposite continent” as historic the USA, Collins argues that Plato’s tale was once first carried again to the Mediterranean international by means of trans-Atlantic mariners, similar to the Phoenicians and Carthaginians, as early because the first millennium BC. He deals extra historic trans-Atlantis exchange proof from Egyptian mummies, Roman shipwrecks within the Western Atlantic, and the African good points of huge stone heads in Mexico. Piecing jointly the ultimate days of Atlantis and the wildfires, earthquakes, tsunamis, days of darkness, and development of ice sheets that the traditional comet’s effect, Collins establishes not just that Atlantis did certainly exist but in addition that remnants of it live on this present day, most glaringly in Cuba, Atlantis’s unique primary island.

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Shadow Men: An Encyclopedia of Mind Control by Anthony Napoleon

By Anthony Napoleon

mental operations (PSYOPs) are the popular procedure in which shadow males socially engineer the loads' consent on a myriad of significant concerns. the writer offers a number of examples of the way social engineers have transformed the public's perceptions and attitudes approximately America's founders, slavery, monetary markets, relationship and mating customs, self-perception, and a laundry record of different issues humans do not know have been socially engineered. The reader turns into professional at the personality of the boys who paintings within the shadows whose sole explanation for dwelling is to manage others in carrier to amassing wealth and gear, of which, they by no means, ever, have adequate. The reader is equipped a step by step software that can provide to strip away shadow men's brainwashing of them and go back the reader to his common kingdom of freedom and happiness.

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Gnostic Mysteries of Sex: Sophia the Wild One and Erotic by Tobias Churton

By Tobias Churton

An exploration of the sexual practices and doctrinal secrets and techniques of Gnosticism

• Reconstructs the misplaced global of Gnostic spiritual-erotic event via exam of each surviving textual content written by way of heresiologists

• Investigates the sexual gnosis practices of the Barbelo Gnostics of the second century and their connections to the Gnostic Aeon Sophia, the Wild woman of knowledge

• Explains the very important value of “the seed” as a sacrament in Gnostic practice

Examining each surviving textual content written through heresiologists, debts usually neglected in desire of the recognized Nag Hammadi Library, Tobias Churton finds the main mystery internal educating handed down by means of initiated societies: the culture of sexual gnosis--higher union with God in the course of the sacrament of intercourse. researching real intercourse practices hidden in the writings of the Church’s experts, he reconstructs the misplaced global of Gnostic spiritual-erotic event as taught by way of initiated masters and mistresses and practiced through Christian looking religious freedom from the area.

Churton explores the practices of the “first Gnostic,” the historic Simon Magus, and explains the very important importance of “the seed” in Gnostic perform, exhibiting it to be the sacramental substance par excellence. He illuminates the suppressed fact of why the identify “Valentine” got here to be linked to ennobling erotic love and divulges profound parallels among sexual gnosis and Tantra, suggesting that gnosis lies on the root of the tantric course.

Solving a millennia-old riddle concerning the identification and mystery image of Sophia, the mysterious Gnostic “Aeon,” Churton investigates Sophia’s connections to Barbelo, sometimes called Pruneikos, the Wild woman of knowledge, and the relevant concentration of the Barbelo Gnostics of the second century, whose spiritual intercourse practices so stunned orthodox Christian contemporaries that they have been condemned, their cults of religious gnosis and “redemption via sin” pushed underground.

Churton exposes the secret of Sophia within the philosophy of the medieval Troubadours and explores William Blake’s inheritance of mystery Renaissance sexual mysticism in the course of the innovative English poet Andrew Marvell. exhibiting how Blake’s sexual and religious revolution connects to fashionable sexual magic, Churton additionally examines the esoteric which means of the free-love explosion of the Nineteen Sixties, revealing how intercourse should be raised from the area of guilt into the top magical sacrament of religious transformation.

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The Varieties of Magical Experience: Indigenous, Medieval, by Lynne L. Hume Ph.D.,Nevill Drury

By Lynne L. Hume Ph.D.,Nevill Drury

A infrequent blend of private and educational, this publication showcases the myriad avenues for transcending the limits of truth via direct sensory experience.

• Highlights options, rituals, and coaching of magical practitioners

• Counterpoints the rational with the emotional and compares the earlier with the present

• Takes a cross-cultural, old, and anthropological method that's obtainable to all readers

• comprises reviews of lecturers, shamans, occultists, healers, sorcerers, pagans, medieval magicians, cybermagicians, and indigenous peoples around the world

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La pratica della fattura e i metodi di difesa (Corso di by Claudio Marchiaro

By Claudio Marchiaro

A Dambury – negli Stati Uniti – un avvocato ha sostenuto durante un processo che un suo cliente, accusato di omicidio, non period colpevole, perché il vero assassino period stato niente meno che il Diavolo, Satana in character, che si sarebbe in questo modo vendicato di un tentativo di esorcismo. Chi ha mai detto che magia e occulto sono morti e sepolti? In un sussulto improvviso il Diavolo sembra voler approfittare di un’epoca travagliata, in cui gli uomini, disumanizzati dal sistema di vita, si rivolgono alle pratiche occulte, al meraviglioso. Questo meraviglioso è in step withò un mondo inafferrabile alle percezioni abituali dei nostri sensi, according to cui dobbiamo ricorrere a procedimenti altrettanto misteriosi e singolari.
Quelle che qui esponiamo sono process (magie, malefici, sortilegi) tratte da manoscritti antichi e comprendono tutto quanto ci è stato tramandato nel pace da autori diversi. Davanti a noi si spalancano le porte di un universo enigmatico, che racchiude in sé un potere travolgente. l. a. stregoneria è sopravvissuta nei secoli perché sta in noi e attorno a noi, e oggi è più area of expertise che mai, soprattutto come «clima» o atteggiamento mentale e psicologico dell’umanità intera. Ma attenzione! l. a. fattura non è una pratica alla portata di tutti, non è né semplice né tanto meno scevra da pericoli, a volte anche gravi.

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